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A day of Remembrance / Holocaust Remembrance Day April 19 2012. Raised a RC alter boy, I wish to offer my solidarity to my family (first cousins), close friends (adopted family) and kind business associates (mensch) in the Jewish community today. L'chaim (to life) Yasher Koach Shalom.

Every day is a good day to give and today is a day to reflect on perhaps giving a tithe or donation to the local Shul's. Take up a collection and contact Rabbi Sholom Galperin when you do. info@shaareyzedekwindsor.com Let me know if you have difficulty in reaching the Rabbi and I will see that he gets your messages.

Please and thank you for your kindness. michael

Tuesday April 17

Asian_International_BIA_District_Tuesday_April_17_2012.pdf - Chris Soda Letter of April 19 2012

亞洲國際BIA區信息 . . . . Asian International BIA District Information

Eddie Lee Windsor Star Memorial 1922 - April 17 2012

I want to remind all that we lost an elder statesman of the community this week and need to bow our heads for a moment of quiet reflection to a life of service to his family, this country and to this community. A unique position also in that he was one of the first family of Chinese to have arrived and struggled to make a life in our community. All the best on your new and exciting journey Mr. Lee. We are saddened and we miss you.

Happy Birthday Joseph Giglio
Over 45 years of service to the Wyandotte W. community and still dressed in traditional apron ready to serve.

Stopping in late Tuesday, Joe mentioned to me in front of a group of young ladies that yesterday was his birthday, so we all piped up and sang a long and loud "Happy Birthday to you " to a now blushing Joseph. He mentioned an age which I didn't hear, but one of the young ladies commented that he didn't look a day over 39. Joe already blushing and beaming, thanked her and her friends for the kind words. Joe has been a beloved fixture of this area and this building in particular for many years. Long enough that my two daughters who grew up visiting his deli and learning to enjoy the Italian cookies and Orangina drink they got after buying some deli meat for their lunches to be off on their own in life.
Joe even delivers groceries to his elderly customers on a regular basis in keeping with his life long tradition of providing quality products and personal service.

If you are ever in the neighbourhood be sure to stop in and pick up a few things and don't forget to say that Michael sent you by.

Happy Birthday Joe and many many more. We appreciate your service.

Visit the image gallery for Giglios.ofWindsor.com

April 17: Who would have thought Day +12 would come and go so easily? Sandra ate pizza and drank cola tonight. Her voice and sight are 80%. An early morning CT-scan revealed she still has an infection in her lung so another bronchoscopy is ordered for tomorrow since she has an intermittent temperature.

Diane continues to be at Sandra's side 24/7, sleeping on a chair that reclines but not into a flat bed. She says she is comfortable and somehow does look rested but it must be adrenaline because she doesn't get much sleep between the frequent checkups and Sandra's needs, not to mention the uncomfortable bed. I just don't know how she does it. We've been in hospitals for eight straight weeks.

Our hospital doesn't have a kitchen so food is imported from Toronto General for patients and visitors have a deli and a Tim Horton. Fortunately the adjoining hospitals have better food and there's a Hasty Market at the end of the street. There are also lots of restaurants when we feel like venturing out.

We are FIVE YEARS past these miracle in the making days today and I want to thank Sandra and the Cronin Family for being brave enough to share this very personal story with us all THEN and NOW. Congratulations on FIVE YEARS OF MIRACLES.

If you want to know about this local Miracle, you may see Sandra's journal entries from beginning to end of her most critical time of life. Love and best wishes always Sandra.

Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board
溫莎 - 埃塞克斯天主教區教育局 - - Windsor-ng Essex Katoliko District School Board
ウィンザー·エセックス·カトリック教育委員会 - - Windsor-Daerah Essex Katolik, Sekolah Lembaga

老夫子 Old Master Q

Happy Birthday Chinatownwiki

Zhongtian Wang

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