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Summer is as busy a season as any other and the work goes on. 饮茶 Yumtsa anyone? A delicious gallery is still in the works but I hope there are enough items so far to wet your appetite. This direct link will guide your future visits to this topic. Enjoy! Yumtsa.net. 饮茶 Yumtsa, "Let's take tea".

If dinner is your choice then check out the new direct URL for Windsor's Chinese Restaurants and their online takeout menus. Sikfan.net 食飯 Sik Fan is an expression that literally means "eat rice", but it is really used as a suggestion or invitation as "Let's Eat". 食飯 Sikfan shall we? Bon appetit.

Japan March 11 2011 8.9M Earthquake
Japan March 22, 2011 A message from our friend Erena in Fujisawa

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  • Catch up time. More businesses, more photos, more menus. Go go go ...
Coming Soon, Windsor Chinatown , a block at a time. This is the corner of Campbell & University where you will find Asian Square (or Alice's Wonderland), Lee Hair Salon, Amazing Therapy (Traditional Chinese Massage & Reflexology), May Wah Inn Dim Sum & delicious traditional Chinese Cuisine, dentist Dr. Simon Wu and So Good Bakery need I say more Hmm Mmm. If you have a story to share, by all means send it to me and I will share it with all.

Windsor Chinatown block by block

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If you love Chinatown then this is the forum for you to share in that passion.
Thank you to all who may enter and share of yourselves, your wisdom and your histories.

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