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About aims to be a useful resource and supportive community for anyone interested in learning Japanese or going to Japan. Whether you're an advanced level veteran of the Japanese language or you're just getting your feet wet, there's something here for you.

About Timothy Miron, creator of

I've been interested in the Japanese language since I first crossed paths with it fresh out of highschool. Compared to some of my friends I was really a late bloomer in this regard. I've never been a big fan of anime or that type of thing, but I sure had friends in high school who were. I started studying Japanese as a sort of fun hobby, but it soon became an obsession. I later embarked on a 1 year long working holiday that took me from Tokyo to Fukuoka and back. It was an amazing trip which I chronicled on my personal blog. While abroad and since returning I've received numerous e-mails, messages, and questions asking all sorts of questions about Japan, Japanese Study, Working Holiday Visas, etc. and thought it might be a good idea to compile all of the resources that I've come across into an easy to use website and perhaps build a small community around it. I look forward to bringing Japan closer to anyone who wants to go there. To stay up-to-date,

Okame Japanese Antiques

Japanese Windsor

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