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Time for you to visit the redesigned JEM Software website

Posted on July 4, 2011 by Jack Eisenberg

I started creating customized database software under the JEM Software brand way back in 1981. In those days, my main tools were Ashton Tate dBase II, 3GL’s such as ‘C’, ‘Fortran’ and ‘BASIC’ and a hodge-podge of self-created messaging protocols to allow for multi-user sharing of database applications. Apple ruled the business PC market with their relatively new Apple II, and programs like Visicalc. There wasn’t yet this thing called an IBM PC.

As Microsoft-compatible PC’s became available and PC-compatible networks were developed, I migrated away from home-brew protocols to the new standards of the day; with some surviving and others going the way of the dodo bird. My software development toolkit also evolved to include newer tools and technologies.

JEM Software has always been a bit of a hobby for me. Gainfully employed in the IT industry, I didn’t have much time to write applications for outside clients. Consistent with maintaining a very low key business, I did limited software development for select clients and didn’t even bother to register a domain name until the year 2000.

Fast forward 30 years from the formation of JEM Software. My career in IT, spanning more than 40 years, is closer to its end than to its beginning. I’m now retired from my full-time IT career. But, I still have the desire to help people with their personal and small business computers. As the creator of the award-winning Safe and Secure Computing, I spend much of my time providing help to local clients.

Now, with the availability of inexpensive hosting and content management systems, nearly anyone can afford their own place on the web. In the next phase of JEM Software’s development, I intend to offer the public a way to get well-functioning websites up and running in the least amount of time, while taking advantage of available resources to help decrease the cost of entry.

If you’re ready to put your business on the internet, and can’t afford to hire a professional web development company to design, create and host your website, you now have an affordable alternative. Do you have your logo and artwork already? If so, that’s great. If not, I have access to talented graphic artists who can help you create your corporate identity, and incorporate that identity into a website that will be uniquely yours.

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