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饮 食 - Yum Sik - Drink Eat

饮 食 Drink Eat

(t) (s) Yum - to drink

or (t) (s) Sik - to eat

饮茶 yum tsa - A delicious Cantonese Tradition

  • A traditional Cantonese treat featuring a divers assortment of small dishes (dim sum) and Chinese tea.
  • Yum cha is always best enjoyed with a larger group of people so that each may enjoy a wider selection of choices. If you have never experienced Yum Cha (take tea) or Dim Sum then find an experienced group (family or friends) and join them. Saturday and Sunday mornings near noon are best as the morsels are brought around to your table to see and you make selections as the trays or carts pass by.

吃飯 Chī Fàn - Mandarin - Let's Eat (Literally - eat rice)

吃飯 (t) 吃饭 (s)

食飯 Sik Faan - Cantonese - Let's Eat (Literally - eat rice)

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