Yan Family

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Yans Kitchen Windsor Chinatown
Donnie Yen & wife Cecilia Wang in 2003
Martin Yan 甄文達 - Famous host of Yan can cook


甄 - Yan - Jun - Yen - Jean - Zhen

These families share this Character as a last name

Jun Family

Yan Family

甄 Yen Family

  • Famous Chinese Action Film Star & Producer
  • Donnie Yen

Windsor's connection to the Chinese Action Film Industry

Yan or in many cases Jun, Jean, Yen or June. It's all a matter of the translation that was adopted by the first to land in Canada. Brother's being handled by different officers derived the differences. Many others have the same name and consider themselves cousins as they had come from the same small villages back in China. Perhaps a member from each of these family lines could expand and correct this article. thank you.

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