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Wah Court 華閣 (Wah Gok)
Chinese gathering place
Chinese - 中華 Jungwa
Chinese People
華越 Hoa Viet - a minority in Vietnam considered to be ethnic Chinese (Han Chinese) and referred to as either Chinese Vietnamese or Vietnamese Chinese

華 閣 (Wah Gok) Chinese Gathering Place

Wah (華) - People of China - Chinese (as in the name for China 中華 Zhonghua)

華 - (Wah, Hwa or Hua) literally means "prosper" and is used as a reference to the Chinese people. The simplified form "花" literally means "flower".

閣 (Gok) - Court - (Courtyard) A gathering place.

Wah in Chinese Names

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Noun 花

1. a flower; a blossom
2. flower arrangement
4. the best days of one's life
5. the best thing
6. essence


  • 華 (flower)

Chinese Expressions & Sayings

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