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頂好西點麵包 - 梁強國

Sadly Ken decided to retire and this business is now closed.

So Good Bakery at Asian Square

梁強國 - 頂好西點麵包

Windsor Chinatown Bakery for sale - April 2011
"Welcome to So Good Bakery; May I help you?"
So Good Bakery
1695 University Avenue West Windsor, Ontario N9B 1C3
(519) 258-1688

"You are so luck to have such an authentic Chinese bakery here in Windsor. It's as good as anywhere we have travelled including China." J.L. Toronto

"We order all our birthday cakes from So Good. You should try them. Everyone loves it at cake time." A.J Windsor

"You should try them. I buy their sweet buns every couple of weeks. The family looks forward to me bringing them home." A.L. Windsor

So Good Bakery This location is no longer available
13145 Tecumseh Road East Windsor, Ontario N8N 3T4
(519) 739-6105
Ready to go buns
Cake Picture display
Lucky Cats
Cake Picture display
So Good Bakery 2010 Pricing Guide
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Andy & Ken discuss current events (a life long friendship)

News of all kinds travels quickly in Chinatown so when So Good Bakery's decision not to renew their lease was made known, life long friend of Ken Liang, Andy Jun, went to make a visit to discuss the recent news. Ken was very excited to see his good friend of many years and the two talked for a minute or so before tackling the big question that everyone who loves Ken's bakery will be interested to follow.

Ken is getting on in age and the recent increases in ALL of his staples has made life miserable to say the least. So Good Bakery has an excellent reputation that reaches far beyond Windsor and Essex county, but that reputation has not been enough to sustain the necessary painful increases in prices that Ken has had to pass along to his customers and that has caused a reduction in overall business recently. It is of great concern to Ken with the renewal of his lease due NOW. Should he stay and live out his days here in Windsor or strike out for better opportunities in say Scarborough or beyond?

Knowing what could be in say Pacific Mall or even newer venues in the Toronto Chinatown region with his quality of product, I have to say that asking him to stay seems a little selfish, but I think we can support this business and Ken for many years to come.

If you have never experienced truly spectacular baked goods then a trip to So Good will be a real treat. Ken uses only FRESH REAL ingredients in all his products. As he said to Andy, less sugar, more eggs, real butter, the best flour and milk. It all costs more than 25 percent more in only the past few weeks and he is not sure that prices won't continue to rise. Cutting quality is not his style, so it's greater volume, move or retire. All difficult and unplanned events. Gas, rent, taxes, where will it end he lamented as we finished our visit with lots of personal assurance that we love him and his products and will be eager to follow the days and weeks ahead.

What do you think Windsor? It's time to let Ken know. His cakes and pastries are as fine as the best in Hong Kong, China and other great centers of the baked goods world. Spoiled we are! - So Good Bakery

A delicious cake. My children love them.

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