Safe and Secure Computing

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Safe and Secure Computing

Contact Safe and Secure Computing by phone during regular working hours. If they are out on call, or it's after hours, leave a detailed message, and they'll return your call as soon as they can.

Standard hours of operation:

Monday through Friday 2:00pm - 10:00pm
Saturday and Sunday by appointment only

Phone: (519) 252-4357 (252-HELP) Web site

Jack Eisenberg - owner

Computer Chinatown Windsor Ontario

In this digital age many people rely on their computer for work, school or just recreation. But what do you do when your computer refuses to cooperate?

You call this Biz X "Oscar" winner to come and make things right!

Yes, Jack Eisenberg, Owner of Safe & Secure Computing makes "house calls" and has been helping clients fix computer software problems since January of 2006, providing on-site support at residential and business locations. His goal of bringing the same professional level of technical computer support expected in a corporate environment to the individual user has resulted in a growing business with many satisfied customers.

Eisenberg was chosen for this award based on his dedication to customer satisfaction and his ability to "rescue" the average person from their computing problems and explain things in simple terms. He places a high prioriy on the educational component of every service call and is up front with his pricing after an initial assessment.

With 51 website votes and reader comments such as 'very knowledgeable in his field, honest and trustworthy;" "his fee structure that is based on the service, NOT on an hourly rate;" and "he genuinely wants to help', Eisenberg was the computer tech of choice for many of the Judges.

"Jack is the type of person who will go out of his way to accommodate his customers, explains Judge Dilkens. "His expertise is in demand and he has been known to help in urgent situations when visitors to the region have had computer problems. He has gone directly to their hotel to get their systems working for that important presentation."

Phone: (519) 252-4357 . . . . (252-HELP)


excerpt taken from page 29 Biz X magazine Nov/Dec 2009 12th Annual Awards Issue
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